Shouldn't the developed world support developing countries?

@suchi60 (912)
July 17, 2009 9:02am CST
This is an expansive subject, and there will be a lot of agreements and disagreements for and against support to the third world. Lets begin by looking at the positives which developing worlds attract by investing in developing countries. Cheap labor and raw materials, tax benefits, low production costs, and huge production turnarounds are some of the benefits which investors can hope for by investing in developing countries. And what do the developing world gain? Inward remittance, developed infrastructure, exposure to international standards, and technical know-how. Shouldn't there be more and more investors coming forward to take advantage of these opportunities? The United States has decided to stop tax sops offered to those organizations which outsource work abroad. Is this how a responsible state should act? I don't think so.
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