@suchi60 (912)
July 17, 2009 9:21am CST
The spate of violence against Indian students in Australia recently has brought about a heated debate against racism. Students from countries like India, China, Malaysia, and other countries pay huge sums of money to study abroad because of the severe competition and limited prospects in their respective countries. The governments earn huge foreign exchange when these students arrive for their courses. Its a fact that the governments of Australia, United States, and UK earn billions of dollars through students enrolling in colleges there. If this be the case, isn't it the duty of these governments to protect these ambassodars from such brutal attacks and also reign in such elements who cause their nation a black listing? One must understand that because of the act of a minor few, its the nation which is losing their reputation abroad, and this could have severe repurcussions in other ways, not least of all on development issues.
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• India
17 Jul 09
Hi, suchi. You are right. This is extremely tragic to see all this fighting among humans in the name of racism. I believe some people are just expressing their rage against others as they are deprived of the jobs they aspire for because they are not as good as their counterparts from other countries. But, they are very few, who are just pulling down the prestige of a complete nation, just because they are not capable enough of doing something outstanding. I agree to your point that it is the duty of those governments to safeguard the lives of their guests from whom they get huge benefits. If something concrete is not done quickly, it will certainly let Australian interests down. But, I hope it will be over soon. Happy Mylotting!!