home based businesses

July 17, 2009 10:43am CST
Has anyone actually made money with a home based business? I have been trying for 8 years and invested probably about $8,000.00 and have recieved less than $1500.00 in return even after following the step by step instructions. I have tried the supposed best companies out there over this time frame like melaleuca, prepaid legal, maxgxl, bitron, etc. My very last attempt is a company that is just being launched on August the first called millionairex1...http://www.millionairex1.com/?tedgray. has anybody heard of this website. All my checking came up pretty good and I was sponsored by someone who sounded pretty sincere and honest. Of course I have heard that before, these people can be pretty slick. It only costs $30.00 and by paying with credit card I have assured a way to get my money back. I really don't want my money back I desperately want to make money from home. Ted
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