Do you ever buy or rent referrals?

United States
July 17, 2009 1:06pm CST
Has anyone here ever bought or rented referrals on a PTC site? I have tried to get referrals, and have some, but not enough that seems it would make it worthwhile. What sites have you bought/rented from, and which ones were the most successful. I would be scared to buy referrals and then have it be a waste of money because there is no guaruntee that it will work. Happy myLotting!!
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• India
17 Jul 09
I never buy or rent referrals on any site because we do not know whether the rented referrals will be active or not. So there is a chance of waste of money. It is better to try to get direct referrals though it is not that easy but atleast we do not loose money.
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• India
18 Jul 09
You can do referral exchange with other mylot members or you can post all your referral links in your blog if you have. That way you can get few referrals.
• Philippines
18 Jul 09
Yes, i did rent referrals and it was on Neobux. but i had more expense than earnings there because i had to pay and retain referrals twice than getting my deserve pay out. i used to buy referrals in occupex until i realized that the site is actually a big time scam. i lost a lot of money, never trusted another site ever again.
@Bionicman (3962)
• Czech Republic
17 Jul 09
Why buy them when you can get them for free? There's also a chance that bought referrals won't be even active...
@rosekiss (30329)
• Eugene, Oregon
17 Jul 09
I have rented referrasl in neobux and I only rented 12, They did help me get my irst payout, and now that there time has been up, I am doing it all on mu own. I never had enough money to rent all that many referrals as I as taking the money from my account. I won't rent anymore though as there is no guarantee that they will even work for you. I am badically doing all the sites on my own anyway. I would rather do it all myself anyway, as I won't have anyone to blame if I don't get payout. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.