Fighting Hunger in the United States

United States
July 18, 2009 5:09am CST
Which of the following do you think is most effective in fighting hunger in the United States? A. Give funding or support to programs that directly help poor and hungry people or B. Create a stronger economy so that poor people can get better jobs or C. What do you think? Godbless
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• Philippines
18 Jul 09
As a temporary solution to the problem food for the hungry should be maintain as a current resort. As the economy started to bounce back, the government focus should stick to economic development. Feeding forever the hungry is a bad solution and would only teach people to depend and becomes lazy. Teaching them livelihood even to start at a little funding. Makes a hungry people learn to feed their selves. Lot of investors equates job creation.
• United States
21 Jul 09
Your opinion is very similar to that fisherman concept. Give a man a fish, or teach a man how to fish? But focusing to maintain food supply in my opinion is a must; I don't think producing food for a global volume is going to create lazy people because we "work" other types of fields or jobs. And by doing these jobs we earn income to spend on food. But if there was no food what is the point of earning money when you can't even purchase it when we have low supplies(maybe not in the usa, but other places) But your absolutely right if there were more global investors, not just USA based investors we maybe can create more jobs that way. But to calculate success of a field is very difficult to determine but it can work or has a possibility to work. Godbless
@busky5 (3165)
• Thailand
18 Jul 09
A&B good both, but if only A, the government can support for long time, it use a lot of money budget, poeple will not work. For B i think ,it is good but in action everybody will have jobs or not and will support people to work and people have oputunity to be rise money than A.In B, the best answer for me.
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• United States
21 Jul 09
Creating more jobs for the poor could be a great solutions. But what if we create jobs that tend to isolate the poor from being able to develop better skills that can create true ownership? Do you think the poor will always be poor paid individuals that may still have a job but isn't capable or reaching a higher level in the social ladder?
• United States
3 Aug 09
I would pick C. I believe that the government should fund poor peoples education and now just hand them an easy way out. Since poor people usual accept the easy way out instead of fight against the odds. I grew up having to fight against odds and I've never complained once about my family and my own lifestyle misfortunes. I believe if the government can create more fundings like in CA the educational system is slowly getting screwed over. If that gets screwed over the poor people can't get out of their status because education is no longer offered to them. My answer would be my own.
@bunnybon7 (40330)
• Holiday, Florida
31 Jul 09
i think both should be applied and C. should be a requirement to further education for poor that have the ability to learn and the ambition now that they are older, but they have no money to put toward education. it shouldnt be so hard or be any expense to a person to go back to school if they have help doing so.
• China
29 Jul 09
I will choose B as a better way.Although funding programs or other programs will help,they can not solve problems of all poor people.We must come out with a permanent way to keep people away from hunger threats.Today in some regions of China,we still face severe hunger problems.Some fund given by the government or donated by warm-hearted people can help poor area fight hunger temporarily.However,when encountered with natural disasters,like droughts or floods,the food output is not enough and hunger problems arise again. So from my point of view,we should create a stronger economy and create more job opportunities.Also it is very necessary to promote agriculture modernization and to attach more importance to the science and technology innovation of agriculture.I think this is a more effective way to fight hunger for all human beings,not only in USA and China,but all over the world.