would you get credit if your new discussion get zero response?

United States
July 18, 2009 9:02am CST
So, I just wonder how does mylot credit the discussion from its members. Some discussion might get one or more responses, and some get zero response ever since it was posted. I want to know, if those responses get no response at all, would mylot still credit its member's effort to try?
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@benny128 (3621)
18 Jul 09
I would guess that if your discussion gets zero response then you are not adding benefit to mylot therefore you dont get credit. Where as if you are getting responses then people are benefitting from your discussion so you will. This is just a guess though only one person knows and thats mylot themselves.
@mysdianait (65080)
• Italy
18 Jul 09
We know the answer to this too because they tell us We are paid for our OWN activity. When we start a dsicussion we earn for the FIRST response. The users who post the following responses will earn for their activity, not us. We earn if we go and COMMENT on the responses we receive as that will be our OWN activity!
@nk2009 (105)
• India
18 Jul 09
I donot know my friend,even i have posted some discussionsw which have got zero response and i was also thinking on the same lines, nice you picked up the good topic, mylotters help us in this regard