I am so addicted to internet

July 18, 2009 12:55pm CST
I am little bit worry about the usage of internet..I am always online,chatting,gaming and my good time goes without good benefit.I really want to change the behavior.do you have similar thought
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@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
3 Oct 09
Hey, Yea to tell you the truth, I am also addicted to the Internet. The funny thing about it was that I only discovered this a few months ago, yet I have been addicted to the Internet for a few years now, oh well, but it is well worth it! Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• India
29 Jul 09
Even I am addicted to internet as well. I normally spend around 12-15 hours each day using internet, doing chatting browsing through blogs, news related sites, gaming and all the other things that made a person glued to his desk browsing the net. I initially thought of using net mostly for my academic uses, but exactly the reverse happened and I harly use it for academic work.
@dephie77 (106)
• Australia
19 Jul 09
yes, i have a similar behaviour.. I've experienced joined a camp for a week and it works. Without connection to the internet for a week, it already changed my addiction a bit. when I arrived at home and see my laptop, I just have a thought "I'll turn it on later.. haha" Try it!
• Philippines
18 Jul 09
I am so addicted to the internet for 10 years and I am always looking at the bright side of it. It's the cheapest way to communicate locally and abroad, the easiest way to access most the information you need and the easiest way to meet people across the seas. It is already a necessity for most people today. And I don't want to change that behavior of ours. Stay online.
@abhaijith (2961)
• India
18 Jul 09
Friend, Addiction to internet is quite natural,If you have lot of time to spend in net don't waste your time by chatting and online gaming do some thing creative like Mylottig. Good Luck.Happy mylotting.
@gandy93 (54)
• Slovak Republic
18 Jul 09
Yeah, I am addicted too... So what? I love net! I will beat every one, who try separate us! *mad laugh* Just kidding. Or maybe?