Are you a peaceful person? ...or not?

@Rootmere (134)
United States
July 18, 2009 2:03pm CST
It sounds kind of strange, but really. How many of you are truly seeking peace in this lifetime? Peace feels like the one beautiful and good thing on this planet that everybody can feel together in harmony and love. I don't even understand how evil can live on, but it does, that's for sure. I just want to ask the simple question, are you a peaceful person? or not?
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• Philippines
20 Jul 09
Yes, I am in the process of becoming more peaceful. I believe peace and becoming a person of peace is a daily process. Although spiritually speaking, I have peace for I have found Jesus Christ--the Prince of peace. Only in having a personal relationship with Christ can we have real peace. I have settled my peace with God through Christ. For I was once an enemy of God because of my sins, but in Christ we can find forgiveness. But in matters of daily peace, I need to appropriate the peace that Christ gives daily. Real peace is not the absence of trouble, but serenity and calm inspite of troubles...and frankly sometimes that's hard to do. Likewise, I am a very passionate person and so sometimes when I am in the middle of a rush or a hectic day sometimes I loose my cool...and I would really fret and fret instead of being peaceful. But then, I sit down and remind myself that I need to calm down. And so am I a peaceful person? I am on the journey of becoming -- a now and not yet kind-of-thing.