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United States
July 18, 2009 6:43pm CST
Ok, so this should problably be under "Computers", but I couldn't find the section. But it does involve making money: I make crafts such as baby blankets, pouches, heating rice pads, etc. I'm looking to take my crafts up a notch and see if I can sell them. So I was wondering if there was a website that offers free hosting and not just a "Free Trial"? Plus it'll need (or should) to have paypal and be easy to set up for a computer ditz. The reason why I ask is because if I cannot sell my crafts, at least I don't have a commitment to stay or have to pay a fee for early cancellation. I've seen some that's so much a month and many has free trials, but I don't want to pay until I know where I stand. I know I've gotten a lot of help on MyLot about how to go about selling my crafts locally, but I want to be able to expand. I would prefer if you personally use the site yourself, but I am open to any information you guys can offer. Thanks, Giggles
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