Heeelp! Where to find azalea's bonsai? Is it wonderfuuuuuul?!

azalea flowers - What a great azalea *_*
July 19, 2009 8:07am CST
I like bonsai very much! I already have a chinese olmus and is really cute (i love bonsai, even if they're not very gaudy) but whene I saw azalea's wonderful flowers i fell in love with it*_* have you got any experience in cultiviting bonsai? chinese olmus is quite simple to cultivate:) but i'm not sure i could cultivate an azalea because look quite difficult to find seeds and it takes a long time to let them grow... I should buy an azalea and then plant it? Help me please!! It's a wonderful bonsai!*_* Have you any suggestion? Where can I find azaleas to cultivate at home?
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