Why BOYS are better than GIRLS? OR WHY NOT? (Common.. guys let prove it!)

July 19, 2009 11:07am CST
Why boys are better than girls? (common gals.. prove us wrong is you dare)
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@Wizzywig (7858)
19 Jul 09
Hmm...lets see You are better because..... 1) you can manage to hold onto the TV remote no matter what is happening around you 2) you dont feel the need to ask for directions 3) you are not afraid to make a total mess of any household chore so that we never ask you to do it again 4) you are not embarrassed to fit a large exhaust to your car even though we all know what your compensating for there 5) you can pee standing up without making a mess... oh, no, wait a minute... better change that to "you think you can.." but you're better than kittens and puppies because its usually just in the one room.... Is that enough to be going on with
• India
20 Jul 09
hm.. Nice shot!.. really made me laugh
• India
20 Jul 09
Yup they are better in areas of lyf. Both lhysically and mentally.