Does memory get worse as you age in everyone?

United States
July 19, 2009 1:33pm CST
I feel like my memory was better back a few years ago. Does everyone's memory get worse as they age?
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@camomile07 (1421)
• Germany
19 Oct 10
It is well known that children have got more memory because their brain is still not saturated and they are like sponge remembering almost everything. But that doesn't means that everyones memory has to be worse with the age. As adults we are, we simply are more conscious about how hard it might be to study or to retain some information. But we have to options. On one side, we can wait until we get old without doing anything to avoid that our grey cells grow up and leave us without our memory or, on the other side, we can train our brain (keeping on studying, training our brain with exercises and plays, and so on), so we can get old with an excellent memory. It is definitly up to everyone if we want to realize regular maintainance of or brain or not.
@vingyan06 (2487)
• Malaysia
29 Jul 09
dreamangel, for me I think my memory goes something wrong as I grow older. I always a forgetful person. I need to search high and low for my handphone, car key and house keys before I go out. Sometimes, things that I have done but I have totally forget about it. I can't think what will happen to my memory if I get older and become a old lady.
@marguicha (167536)
• Chile
29 Jul 09
It seems everyone has the same problem. But not everyone faces big lacks in mwmory. It seems to depend on many facts, some of them genetic, some of them depending on your activities. Take care
@Pose123 (21660)
• Canada
19 Jul 09
Hi dreammangel, As a rule our memories are not as good as we get older. Of course, we are not all alike and some remember things better than others. Blessings.
• Philippines
19 Jul 09
Not really worst, but we will have memory loss once we grow old. But memory loss is worst for those who have the Alzheimer's disease, since in some studies elders who have this often forgot how things are like they cannot recall if they are wearing undies or not, or perhaps forgot their names. But on the normal aging process of human it prevalent that memory decreases gradually as we age.
@OConnell87 (1045)
19 Jul 09
i think memory naturally does get worse with age because like our bodies do with age and thats when mental illness start to develop such as alzehimers. As we get older we are encouraged to actively use our minds to keep them sharp for longer