I saw valuebux in scam list so scaring...

@myl999 (2093)
July 19, 2009 2:38pm CST
hey friends today while checking the gptbank scamlist sites I saw valuebux there and got panicked what do you think another blow is on..?again worried about tuibux too that site showing only clickbank ads...like some previous scam ones...what do you say friends...
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• Pitcairn
19 Jul 09
I'll be putting that into my scam list too. I really glad that I was able to request my payout just before the problems with payments arose. Currently, valuebux is on my caution list, but I'll be moving that on my scam list soon. I noticed another site in gptbank, that was onabux, it was removed on their active list and I can't find the site on any of their list. Do you have an idea?
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@kumarpslv (3216)
• India
20 Jul 09
GPTBank added this site to the scam list nearly 10 days back..Even after that, some of the members are investing in this site ..They know very well that the Paypal blocked their account and they can not get it back easily.Now they are dealing with Liberty Reserve..But only to collect funds from the members and not to pay..The admin is not all replying about the payments..He will ask the members to invest ,invest and invest in the site..But I don't think that tuibux will go scam soon.This site is going to be added into the GPTbank very soon,mostly in this week..Hope they will be online at least 4 or 5 months
@Citychic (4071)
• United States
19 Jul 09
Valuebux is another scam list so scaring. Hello friend, Sorry but I have to say, please stay away from those scam sites. Also be sure to make a list of them all and be sure to warn all of your friends that way more and more people will not continue to fall for the same scams and soon the scam sites will have to close down because they will not have any business. Thanks for making is aware of this my friend. Happy mylot.