Does this actually work?

@ckhair13 (185)
United States
July 19, 2009 3:44pm CST
I am probably like the 500 millioneth person to post this so I am really really sorry...but does this actual work? I mean can you actual make some extra money posting & commenting & reponded etc??? Yesterday I posted a whole bunch of discussions & responded to a whole bunch & I only made 9 cents?? Something just does not seem right? the posts I started had a whole bunch of repsonses? I would just like to hear from some people that have made a few bucks doing this & if you have any advice for me??? Thanks!!
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@schentil (98)
• India
23 Jul 09
I am also quite a new person for mylotting. I had the same doubt as you had. Once you started involving in conversations, you will get confident that you can earn some money in mylot. See to the that your response is well related to the topic you are in. Moreover that the content should descriptive, simple, and useful. There are people who are earning quite a lot in mylot based on their referral, rating, etc. So all the best.
• Malaysia
20 Jul 09
Yes. You really do get paid by this site. It's not too say that you can make a lot everyday, unless you really do a lot of posting, and discussions.. If you posted a bunch of discussions, and you just answer them in a line or two.. you will not get that much.. To get more... Do posts a bunch of responses, make sure though that the responses are good, and if you get elected as the best response, yes you will make more money. And also, it really does help if you get write at least 5-6 lines in your response.. that also help with more money as well. :) You just started, don't worry about it, when I started, I earned 9 cents in a day as well like you and I post like at least 2 discussions a day and responded to like at least 20 discussions, but i still got that.. don't get disheartened!! You'll be able to withdraw.. just be patient.. This is a valid site, and usually in all valid site, you do get paid, but it's not much.. But, hey.. it's fun.. and you can do it at work, when you have not much to do.. :) Have a great day!
• United States
20 Jul 09
You can make money by posting and responding to posts. However, please do not view this as a quick get rich scheme. The returns are there but they require a decent amount of posts and it takes time. The referral program will also enable you to earn a bit more quickly.
• United States
20 Jul 09
Im not really sure if this works either but i am trying to message me if it does plz!
@zearah (5382)
• Philippines
20 Jul 09
Posting, commenting, starting a topic , and responding to any discussion you interested to these are all working and ways of earning but not in uniform rate. Be noted that the quality of the post is number one factor. And another thing is the quantity but of course the prior prevails than the latter. So far from these ways all where I derived my earnings for four weeks not so big but only a few cents to complete my thirty dollars.You cold try also the uploading of pic when you reach to five hundred posts. And though not so effective but somehow it could increase your earnings if you have a referrals that are active. Important keys are read, learn, and earn. Avoid violation of course to minimize deductions.Though you could not permanently do such because we are susceptible to commit mistakes which might resulted to violation then will be a deduction to your points. Good luck and happy mylotting.
• Indonesia
20 Jul 09
yes lol you are..but it's very normal, i was like that too. i've joined mylot since last december lol but i just got my payment few days ago, $10,25. slow huh ? yep-yep because i couldn't spent too much time in here. so i just come and go, posts at least 2 - 5 response a day, and sometimes none haha.. but really ckhair, i can recommend you that mylot is one of the best paying site ! neobux too if you wanna try it. but don't worry, trust us it will pay you alot and vary, depends on how much you response the topics and the quality of your answers. so don't give up yet and no doubt lol..happy mylotting ! cheers !
@kumarpslv (3216)
• India
19 Jul 09
If our discussions or responses are not against the terms and also descriptive then we will be paid without any doubt. The number of responses we are getting for our discussion will not increase our earnings in any way.We will be paid only for our activities and not for others.If you leave comments to all of the responses you are getting to your discussions, with at least 4 or 5 lines, then you will be paid for that. Keep all of your posts are descriptive and are at least of 5 lines are more.Avoid referral links anywhere in your participation. Just spend one more hour to read the discussion guideline to know the procedure.Also our earning depends on our rating. As you are not yet rated, your earnings may seems low. But after your rating, then you can find your earnings are increasing. Don't loose your interest and participate in more discussions.