blameless and upright

@marvil (25)
July 19, 2009 8:42pm CST
according to the bible, Job is blameless and upright (job 1:1) is it possible that in this generation that there are lots of temptations, we were able to be perfect, blamelsss and upright. i'm still thinking of how did Job became blameless and upright.
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@jellymonty (2354)
21 Jul 09
It is very much possible to live a blameless and upright life. As long as you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, and you totally submit to God then you are blameless and upright in his sight because you are covered in the blood of Jesus and the righteous of Jesus is upon you. Job was blameless and upright because he put God first in all things in his life. You need to put God first in everything you say and do. When you love God more than anything else, you become blameless and upright. Jesus taught us how to overcome temptation in Mathew chapter 4. Following Jesus and obeying God's commandments automatically entitles you as being blameless and upright.