Why is there religion

United States
July 20, 2009 1:57am CST
Whats the point. As someone said earlyer religion is made to find a commen goal and a bond that helps eachother live. But when you put to many religions together they have the opposit effect. Imagin if you put hundreds of animals together in a cage. Only one can be on top so i tmust defeat others to get there. There cannot be a winner without a loser so the loser is dead. Same with humans someone will resort to war to get rid of the others. Atheism!!!!!!!
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@BethTN81 (564)
• United States
20 Jul 09
I don't know why I choose to try to explain religon to people eventhough I know they will disagree but maybe one day people will pay attention to try to understand the other side. God is the creator of all things. God wanted the people he created to worship him. God also created people to have free will, therefore not long after God created man and the earth began to populate men started thinking on their own. Some continued to Worship God, and others chose to worship golden calfs and other idols. God wants men to worship him, but since God created a brain in people some chose to wonder off and other religons were created by man as time went on. Everyone has the choice to believe how they want, and i don't think I have ever heard that someone who is atheist is a bad person. I know people who worship Satan and they are kind, respectful and hard working people! Call religon man made or whatever you want. It's YOUR story, you can tell it how you want to. Remember this though....people can deny the truth and they can hide from it but that still does NOT change the truth. It's your decision on how you choose to take it.
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@caesarin (1089)
• Indonesia
20 Jul 09
This is my idea about religion. Religion was man-made and first made to guide people back to God. But a long the journey of time, there were bad people made use of religion for their deeds. And it brought people into boxes. Boxes that divided them into groups. And up to know, people are still living in their boxes because they feel comfortable to live in the warm boxes then to look out of the boxes. Even they aren't sure about what's inside the boxes itself. Soon those religions in the world call themselves to be the righteruous. Ridiciluous!!!! Did any bibles mention that God ever call one religion as the righteruous? Hello??? Religions are products of human-minds. This shows that we are so greedy and selfish and truly no-shame. I didn't came from a religious family, in fact I could say that it was likely an atheist family. But it obviously nor turn me into a bad person. In fact it opens me to anything. I can learn anything about any beliefs without any hesitation or look down upon any other beliefs. By the way, some or maybe most said that religion is not the same as belief. To me both are the same. Doesn't it take someone's belief to get into a religion?
@rlaknar (616)
• India
20 Jul 09
My point is religion is just grouping human beings.Human beings cannot live with out groups.Why because our ancestors thought that group can defend any problem and it is benefit.So they formed a group and named it, produced some rules and regulations and it become called as religion.But some mystery happened in that.Others created some group and like this religion brought up.