My older son's laptop has stopped working

@maximax8 (31168)
United Kingdom
July 20, 2009 5:01am CST
I got a specialist to look at my older son's laptop. He wasn't able to mend it and charged me thirty pounds. He suggested it needed a new hard drive which would be really expensive. My brother-in-law tried a hard drive in it but it still didn't work. He has ordered a new keyboard. I hope that will get my older son's laptop working again. If not I will have to save up to buy him a new laptop. Has your laptop ever stopped working? If so did you get it fixed?
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@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
20 Jul 09
I had to replace my CD draw when my laptop was only eleven months old. That was repaired under warranty, but now only seven months later, it isn't opening again, and unfortunately, I'm in Australia, so the qarrenty is void.
@diva32 (2)
• United States
20 Jul 09
This is why I bought a Macbook. There aren't so many problems. I saved a lot of money too (got mine from
@lizzrr (135)
20 Jul 09
My Hp laptop stopped working after a year, I didn't take it anywhere to get fixed because when my sister laptop,( same laptop as mine) stopped working not long before mine, she took it to get fixed but didn't work out. Every time I switch it on, it shows up 6-8 screens in blue. I'll never buy anything HP branded laptop.
@gandy93 (54)
• Slovak Republic
20 Jul 09
What do you mean by "stopped working"? You cant turn it on? Or you turn it on and cant start OS(may windows/macos)? Or you start OS, but it froze? What OS you have? Do you get a error message? You should specific problem... PS: I dont think the new keyboard will solve problem...