the Time Dimension

July 20, 2009 6:48am CST
Is there a time dimension in the earth ? Today my lecturer shared with us about this "time dimension" during lecture. He said that there is this possibility of having time dimension in this earth.. but do you believe it ?
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• Indonesia
20 Jul 09
Time dimension? I believe there is one like that. The problem is we as the human is bound to the time and space. We can't go pass through the time or space. So why should it be a problem? We can do nothing about it. We can't go to the past or future. We are bound to the present time. Only God can go through time. He knows and hold our past and our future times. No matter what man trying to do, we will never be able to conquer the time. Some people have the imagination about time and space traveling. But it's just imagination. Will it come true or not? Who knows??!!
• India
20 Jul 09
yes me too believe that one . soon the world become an end