do you miss school days ?

@aweins (4203)
July 20, 2009 11:44am CST
Were you allowed to use deos or perfumes when you were in school or in your childhood, if not, did you used ever and got caught and scolded ? do you remeber and enjoyed your school days. i really miss my days of school. i remeber my teachers and i use to love the owner of my school. he was really very smart , tall, handsome. he is not married and now people say that he is so awesome looking, he may be gay? can this be true?
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@voldrox (7200)
• India
20 Jul 09
hi, i miss my schootl days a lot! how wonderful those days were, when we had so less responsibilities and most of the time we used to enjoy with friends... those beautiful days when we were carefree and happy, the whole world seemed so different back then when we were so young, now everything has changed and we all face problems and take all those responsibilities. Those wonderful teachers we had, i can say we used to enjoy our classes much more than what we have now as theories and lectures... those times when one the teachers were absent for some reason and we had an excuse to play football as a physical training period, all we needed is some excuse to get to the ground and play and play now it's all different, away from home in a hostel, graduation and everything is upto you... people have expectations, and those sort of stuffs, now i look back and see my old days of school, it brings joy to me and i recall my friends back then, some in contact and others gone... where ever they are hope they are doing good out there... when i was at school we had one of the best principals, he was so kind and calm natured and used to handle situations with ease, there were times when i had problems and i used to go to him and he used to send me back home, my home wasn't very far from my school, i used a bicycle.Those beautiful days when the bell rang... and the session ended and then for sometime us friends used to hang out after the school for a couple of minutes and discuss on what we were going to do that day, how i wish i could go back to those old days and have those days again! there were teachers we categorised, some mean and some pleasant, there used to be some disputes between the opinions on some matters between the girls and the boys, school time us boys thought so differently than girls... those days when we used to be naughty in a more childish way making traps and all.... we loved our library, we used to read those enid blitons...haha... and those transformers comics and some sidney shelton... one of the most interesting was our biology lab, we were interested about the human skeleton, some used to spread rumours that the skeleton was real and there was a ghost in the lab, the experiments were interesting and the teacher was very strict, sometimes he used to slap on our palms with a steel scale when we forgot to do our homework, awesome days back then... i remember i used to watch popoye show before leaving for school... and so many.. those days are never coming back again, only what remains are the beautiful memories...
@maximax8 (30074)
• United Kingdom
20 Jul 09
I miss my school days. They were great because it was hanging out with friends and learning interesting information. My favorite subjects were English, History, RE and Geography. I liked Art. I climbed trees at break time and once got involved in a water fight. It was just playing around with a pots and a water fountain. We got into trouble after walking along the corridor soaking wet. The English teacher was very handsome and popular. The owner of your school might be gay or just totally into his career and nothing else.
• India
20 Jul 09
No question about it... If I miss someone more than anything, it is the SCHOOL FRIENDS... It's always like that.. The school friends are the ones who know you very well. who know your strengths and weaknesses.. your character, your potential Ofcourse the Schoold friends's attachment is always gonna be the strongest in your life i recon!