Why Do My Dogs Hump My CAT!!!??? HAHAHA!!

United States
July 20, 2009 4:51pm CST
ok ok..sooo im soo confused!!! I have a almost 2 yrs..Halloween shes ll be 2 springer spaniel and beagal mix..and she has a male puppy thats 4 mth almost 5..well shes gettin fixed soon but heres the thing..when there in heat..my girl and my male..hump the crappppp out of my poor lil cat..shes just a tiny thing..and they just goooo!! lol lol! is this normal?? i have neverrr heard of such a thing ever!! and the thing is..they dont even hump each other..just my ONE cat and i have another and they dont touch him lol..whats the dealiooo?
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