psychiatrists.......glorified drug dealers!

United States
July 20, 2009 6:16pm CST cousin has been seeing a psychiatrist on and off for about 9 months now. Everytime he goes the psychiatrist offers him a new drug to treat his symptom of the day. I went with him to his appointment today....there is actually a list of drugs on a clipboard that the psychiatrist looks at and picks from then she writes another expensive aZZ perscription. She said he needs a mood stabilizer now. WTF....people are having a hard time in life, striggling, broke, sick, loosing their jobs, homes, families and all he needs is a F&%*#&% pill to stabalize his mood???? So I guess when the sherrif comes and knocks on his door to evict him from his home, he will just be able to pop a pill and deal with Watch out America, psychiatrists are no more than GLORIFIED DRUG DEALERS....they creating new "mental disorders" hoping that when you have a bad day or even a bad will pick up the phone and make an appointment. They will give you some psycho mumbo jumbo and break out their perscription pad. They get paid on both ends....Your insurance company and the KING PIN DRUG DEALERS the ones pushing this crap in the first place, try MERCK, PHIZER....the list goes on and on........DONT TELL ME THAT THIS COUNTRY IS FIGHTING THE "WAR ON DRUGS"....DRUG DEALERS are pushing their products right in your livingroom......TURN ON YOUR TV and see what I mean!
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