Do you often go out of town for your holidays ?

@greenline (14847)
July 20, 2009 7:46pm CST
During my annual holidays, I very much prefer going out of town to have a change of environment. That makes it more relaxing and enjoyable that stay at home and in the same environment. When the weather doesn't permit, ofcourse, then I just have to stay around in town. How about you ? Do you often go out of town for your holidays ?
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@busky5 (3165)
• Thailand
22 Jul 09
I am alike you.I like to go out my town to change environment when my son holiday but seldom times per a year.I like to go to the beach naer my town about 200 kms if my son have shorts holidays.If summer i like to go far away from my town or go to abroad.
@underdogtoo (9588)
• Philippines
21 Jul 09
I don't go out of town during holidays. I just stay at home and do some internet work. I might do more mylot or do some kind of traffic research.
• India
21 Jul 09
hi greenline its not fixed , actually we are a group of five friends, we decide at any point of time , maybe on the way that today we will go there , or somewhere else. we all have debit cards & credit cards, no matter about clothes,foodings,shelter and even rooms as we can live in one room also and also about the transport because we can adjust ourselves in any kind, let it - bus,train,ship, etc . what matters to us is the place we go is good or bad which we have visited or will visit..
• United States
21 Jul 09
Every chance I get I go out of town for the holidays, haha. Last Christmas and New Years I spent a month in Sweden to see my boyfriend and we also went to Spain as well. This winter he will be here in America and we will go to the Bahamas over New Years for a week so that should be fun, my second New Years out of the country in a row! Next Christmas after this one I will be back in Sweden and in Italy for a month or so for my third consecutive holiday season out of the country hehe, I am very excited! I am like you and like to experience new environments in my spare time, it is a good way to broaden life and experience more things. Happy mylotting!