did you answer my question? no there more read.....pay pall, thank you.

United States
July 20, 2009 9:42pm CST
I WANT To thank all of you for helping me with my pay pal problem. i don't know if its solved yet but i told you guys i needed to know ways to use pay pal without verifying and you guys were really nice and tried to help me. i really appreciated it you answered so fast. and the good news i took someone advice about asking my mom if we can go to another bank set up a account just for my pay pal and she said that was reasonable. and i will have to pay out of my own money if some thing goes wrong with my pay pal like i start to owe them. so thank you all again for your help. and heres some questions if you want you can answer them. random question time do you read every word if someone writes too much? whats your favorite color? how did you hear about this website? and how much so far have you got paid from here?
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• New Zealand
4 Aug 09
1 ) depends on my mood...most of the time i don't read everything when someone writes too much 2 ) green =D 3 ) one of my friends told me 4 ) nothing yet =p i just started yesterday