How do you earn money on myLot?

@aschip (166)
July 21, 2009 5:26am CST
I just joined today but I am still confused as to how one earns money here? I hope you can earn money in a less complicated way ...lols Please guide me
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@zed_k4 (17622)
• Singapore
21 Jul 09
You've come to the right site then. Here, you can definitely make some extra, even though it's not much. Any incentive is certainly good and nothing beats the fun here as well. I'm a pretty regular user here because my work is so boring so when I skive, I come to mylot mostly. I see that you have successfully created a discussion and including myself and the others, we are answering to you. So if you comment back, you get some extra. The exact amount, no one knows.. as long as you keep your participation active, you will see a difference in earnings definitely.. Happy mylotting to you..
@jovz07 (648)
• Philippines
21 Jul 09
Hi! Welcome to myLot. You are payed to post here in the discussions. Well, the money you earn from posting is not consistent, it depends on the quality and contents of your post. You are also payed by completing tasks on the tasks section of the site. If you will just keep posting here in the discussion and be active everyday, I'm sure you could reach the minimum payment easily. Don't post on spam discussions because they will only get deleted, if the admin delete the discussions, what you've earned from that will be deducted on your total earning. By the way, the y update your earnings every 24 hours.. If you wanna know more, please read the terms and FAQs. Here's the link: or Enjoy staying here..
@Wismay (2038)
• India
21 Jul 09
Mylot has no fixed rate for any post. It depends on many factors. You earn by posting valuable and quality posts. And creating quality discussions. There is no way to determine how much you earn by 20 posts or some number like that. You can observe yourself by observing your daily activity and your earnings stats after a week. There are many ways to earn on mylot and you will be knowing as you spend more time here. You can see the menubar to get an idea about it. Photos is also an area through which you can earn. Just check out the FAQ section to know more about earnings. And you can earn by accepting some tasks and submitting them withing the time period alotted. This is one which can allow you to earn quickly. So if you keep posting quality content and being constructive in discussions you will be earning well. Hope this provides you an idea Regards