Do you believe in law of attraction?

United States
July 21, 2009 3:31pm CST
I believe what ever you think you become. Even when it comes to relationships. People attract Someone they don't want and end up with that person because they attracted . Say if you want some coffee from starbucks , you go to starbucks and you attract the coffee you want. Do you believe in law of attraction? And why?
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@ilyzium (1204)
• Canada
4 Nov 09
Yes because the teaching of the LOA really go back to before time. I'm very familiar with them especially the teachings of Abraham from Ask and you will receive, which focus on LOA. Everything around us is electricity, and positive thoughts will attract positive experiences, negative things will attract negative experiences. I've seen it proven so many times around me that now I am 100% convinced that it does really work. I was actually able to manifest my husband to me through LOA, I've manifested parking spaces, exam marks, trips, money, clothes, friends and yes in the beginning completely unaware that I was following LOA. Today that I am conscious of it I've really seen how LOA works in other people's lives. I have one friend in particular that is the most negative, pessimistic, "woe is me" person in the world. Now because she's always had illness, it's all she's ever managed to focus on. How can someone like this possibly heal? Well they can't unless they change their mindset which she's been incapable of doing. She always expects the worst, has one accident after another, disastrous relationships with men, no friends, whatever she expects seems to happen to her. I've tried to get her into LOA with little success because she's too stubborn and I think likes having pity parties to console herself with.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
1 Sep 09
Perhaps there are exceptions to the law of attraction... But I personally have experienced that if we believe enough, we can achieve what we otherwise can not achieve. Perhaps one of the subtle keys to successful attraction includes preparation and timing. Someone out there is probably prepared with something but the times are not right... or have the right time and place but not the right preparations... There is a saying: "success is when preparation and opportunity meet at the right time, the right place and the right conditions." Finally, having said that, there is a saying: "The next very successful person will be doing something that is , at present, deemed as very very weird :) " (something like that) Cheers