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July 21, 2009 6:32pm CST
I have never really been interested in politics until I watched the movie "Echelon Conspiracy". It really got me thinking. That night I think I watched like 50 you tube videos about conspiracies and the government. One of them that really got me is the Moon Hoax. I grew up learning about the United States being the first people on the moon. Why would they lie I thought. The videos of people claiming why it didn't happen are very convincing. Especially the one where none of the astronauts would swear on the bible that he walked on the moon. So I am just wondering other peoples opinions on this conspiracy theory.
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@ausgc21 (340)
• Australia
21 Jul 09
I'm quite convinced about that. The critical point I've noticed is the flag - how could it possibly flapping when there is no atmosphere (i.e. wind) on the moon? The same goes with the dust as Armstrong walked - it should drop to the ground right away if there is no atmosphere beneath it to hold it in air. I think the whole video was taken in a studio in Hollywood somewhere :( Besides, it sucks because July 21st is actually my birthday... arrrggg.... GLOBAL LIAR DAY it has become lol
@VKXY62 (1605)
• Australia
22 Jul 09
A birthday on July 21, wow, a good day yes. What will happen next year in July? 1965 = Mariner 4 passes Mars. 1969 = Men from Earth land on the Moon. 1994 = Comet bits smack Jupiter. 2009 = Another thing hits Jupiter. I know I've missed lots. Best wishes to you on this anniversary of your arrival to this planet. I must ask this question, why do some folks want so much to think it never happened?
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• United States
22 Jul 09
i am not interested in politics but i am going to watch this movie.