Do men and women have real and pure frienships?

@ktosea (2025)
July 21, 2009 7:54pm CST
Someone claims that they do,but as far as I see,they all tends to be not that pure,at least one has some feelings about the other one.I once thought that a real frienship exist between man and woman,but I was wrong.the truth is man and woman don't really have a real do you think about this?
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@ds6413 (2074)
• United States
2 Aug 09
Hello, you are saying that a male and a female can't really be friends?I think that is partially true.I had male friends growing up but either I liked him more than he liked me or vise-versa.My best friend is someone I completely trust and I was once engaged to him so that follows with we had something going on between him and myself.My b/f any I have a friendship but if anything were to happen between him and me I doubt we could continue the friendship.
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@ktosea (2025)
• China
12 Aug 09
yeah,I agree with you to some extent.Maybe we could discuss this someday how is life,ds6413.wish you happy everyday
@Hatley (164222)
• Garden Grove, California
17 Nov 15
i w as goilng toi say yes but the f ri ndship I h ave with Jesse here is because of age difference more ;like mother son but I have to admit if he were my age it could be called more than friendship . but again I had one great love tthat will last me my life time.