Should Sega enter the Console War again?

United States
July 21, 2009 11:01pm CST
In 1986 Sega entered the console war against Nintendo with The Sega Master System. Not only that but a new video game icon appeared with Sega named Sonic the Hedgehog. Bring speed to the game and a new library of games Sega managed to compete. But Sega's next console would take on the SNES with the Sega Genesis. But later tradegies would be its 32 bit add on and the Sega CD. But Sega came back with the Sega Saturn but the controllers were lagging the update they needed. Finally Sega released the Sega Dreamcast which blew people away!!! Finally a new console that had online, graphics, controllers, games, and Sonic to compete against Nintendo and Sony but Sony managed to beat Sega and with Nintendo's Gamecube overshadow the Dreamcast.... Sega had lost and left the console war. Is it time for Sega to come back with a new Next Gen console to compete with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft? I believe so and who is with me? Sega rise to power!!!
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• United States
25 Mar 13
I wouldn't mind seeing a new console from Sega. It could happen. If it did happen then I think the competition in the Console Wars would bring us gamers more quality in any game system that wanted to compete.
• Philippines
10 Oct 10
Well yes if they still have the ideas and skills to make one that can match up and compete with Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Most consoles are now focusing on Motion Control like on Nintendo Wii and Kinect. So it would be better if they could come up with something like that.
• United States
22 Jul 09
This is the year 2009 Sega knows that it cant touch Sony at all but people aren't trying to buy PlayStations and Xbox 360s and feed into the corporate cash machine we are in a recession people want to reach back to simpler low cost times and still be able to have high quality family entertainment.
@khayshenz (1384)
• United States
22 Jul 09
Unfortunately, I'm not with you. Unless of course they come up with something that's totally new and necessary for gamers. Or something new that would attract non-gamers. For example, the only reason why I agreed to purchase a PS3 is because of blu-ray. I LOVE blu-ray. Though I was against it (my bf is the one who proposed to buy). Now, I can't wait til' movies come out with blu ray because I enjoy it so much. And he enjoys the gaming aspect. I play some games too - though not as much as he does.