EDay Town opened in shanghai

July 22, 2009 4:45am CST
We have playgrounds all over for children. It is the first time to have EDay Town in shanghai, which provides children to experience various activities like a grown up. They are given 50 E notes to start with, which they can use to buy things. They can also earn 5 E notes, say by brushing shoes, serving as fireman, doctor, etc. My grandson told me he will go there with the camp tomorrow. He is sure to have a great day.
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@zandi458 (27948)
• Malaysia
22 Jul 09
It is great you have such programs to cater for children and at the same time entertain them to be like adults. It will definitely benefits many children who are eager to emulate the grown up and could not wait to be like them. I hope your grandson has lots of fun on this day.
• China
22 Jul 09
Thank you very much for responding.
• India
9 Aug 09
Hello my friend zhuhuifen46 Ji, It is a new concept for educating children, where they can learn, earn and educate themselves. Following are some of the views : [b]"My daughter enjoys herself a lot here, but admission is still a bit too high for an ordinary family," says 30-something Wu Wei, a cashier. "I am definitely not going to take her again without giving it some thought." While most kids and parents are keen on this "mini adult world," Iva Wu, who has a five-year-old daughter, sees it differently. "There is nothing better than fresh air, sunshine and breeze," she says. "Nature itself, not a man-made environment, is ideal. And the recent flu makes me nervous about taking my daughter to any crowded indoor venue." It's really not a case of either/or, however. "Both are okay, unless the parents are very academically demanding of their children," says Feng Yalan, counselor at the psychological consulting center of East China Normal University. "The different experience of playing different social roles at Eday Town actually helps satisfy kids' curiosity about the adult world. It's similar to the game of playing house." In fact, she says, the problem today is that many parents want everything to be utilitarian and educational for their kids and help them become successful. "They want children to learn from their activities, otherwise parents consider fun for its own sake a waste of time," Feng says. "Fun, that's also a reason we opened Eday Town," explains Yen from Eday Town. "From Monday to Friday, kids have to listen to teachers and parents and weekends are usually planned by their parents. "What about kids' real desires and freedom? Here, they can really enjoy themselves without being disturbed by adults. Of course, we do have certain rules," Yen adds"[/b] May god bless You and have a great time.