Will you pay much attention to Rockets' games as uausal without YaoMing?

July 22, 2009 5:25am CST
YaoMIng has already miss his next season and the Rocket has fond Andersen to replace him.As a fan of Rocket you will support it as uausal .for me ,YaoMing is the biggest reason for me to support it .Without Yao i will not notice each game .what about you ?
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• China
9 Aug 09
I will still pay much attention to Rockets' game. Even if they lost Yao Ming, Tracy and Artest, I also cheer for them. Don't look down upon Rockets. Althouth they is not as strong as last season, they won't be defeat easily.
• Canada
27 Jul 09
Yes I will. I still beilive the Rockets are a playoff contender in the West for several reasons. Aaron Brooks showed flashes of greatness last reason. He will presumably continue to develop his game, and learn to play more under control and less turnover prone. I don't believe McGrady will play for the Rockets next year, but if he does it would be nice to see that he still has some of that explosiness left in him. Ariza will not contribute in the same way as Artest, as he still as a limited offensive game. At best he can merely fill the void that Artest left. I disagree with you for one strong reason though. Ming has been constantly injured throughout his career. Last season was the longest he has played so I believe the Rocket veterans are used to picking up the slack. However, when healthy I believe Yo Ming is the best Center in the league which he showed by easily beating Dwight Howard in head to head match ups last season.
@pjsr18 (340)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
Who's Andersen? The Rockets will be having a hard time this season without Yao Ming. They can still make tha Playoff though they will be trashed by other playoff teams. Teams Like LA and Spurs are stronger right now so I can't consider them as contenders. Yao is not available, Artest is gone, and T-Mac's status is uncertain.