Stuart Murder Mystery

United States
July 22, 2009 9:34am CST
Okay, things are getting hokey now. Annie's memories while in the attic with Scott infer that Adam knew Stuart had been shot. He's crying and saying, "Why?" So, I propose that Adam is the one who shot Stuart in his drug confused state so he will not be responsible for it. Annie needs to keep Adam free so she can execute her plan to marry him and therefore she must set up Kendall so she can have something to barter with the DA for her innocence. Remember Annie was in Jail when Kendall was arrested, they talked and she comforted Kendall. Might she also have been scheming her plan then? On the other hand, there's still the question of who murdered the heart valve doctor.
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@dawnald (84273)
• Shingle Springs, California
24 Jul 09
Well that makes sense more than some of the other things I've been hearing. She would tell Emma to forget what she saw if she had her eyes on Adam's money.
• United States
28 Jul 09
That's what I was thinking. Adam's cash and team of lawyers would be what she has her eye on if she has any hope of getting Emma back from Ryan.
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
23 Jul 09
I'm hoping they don't make it Annie, I might just quit watching if they do. I would even prefer Kendall be the one than Annie. Of course it could be Erica. However, I think Emma really saw who did it and it wasn't Annie or Kendall and in the attic Annie just didn't want Emma involved at all.
• United States
28 Jul 09
That would be nice, Annie just seems to be the fall guy for everything. How soon people forget the hell her creepy brother put her through.