Checking up your Money in myLot.

July 22, 2009 11:25am CST
Do you check up everyday how much money you have made in myLot? I do not even remember, what was my earnings the day before, and I see money columns only one in two to three days, and as far as the details of daily earnings, I do not even bother to check it. How about you?
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@Andrepc13 (422)
• Jamaica
22 Jul 09
yes i check my earning every single day lol im actually suprised becuse i joined like sunday and i earned 13 cents in one day after doing alot of particpation, i wont give out my whole balance but if i keep it up ill be real close to cash out in a coule of weeks
• United States
22 Jul 09
yes i get on every day and its very important for me to see what i made because i'm so so so close to pay out. and everyday i just keep checking hoping that, that day i will be 1 cent away from pay out. or over! i can't wait to see how it feels i'm already looking at what i want to buy online. hehe well thanks for sharing and happy mylotting.
• Portugal
22 Jul 09
I certainly do check it everyday, many times a day really, even knowing that the actual status of our earnings is only updated once a day :$ The truth is that I'm addicted to making money online, even though my profits are really really low, but I love to see the cents dripping into my account! I've earned only 4cents yesterday, but that's enough for keeping me happy. I am easy to contempt, and falling in love with mylot as more I participate.
@Dinu024 (315)
• India
22 Jul 09
I check my earnings rarely, ones or twice a week. The total is put upon the page so, I just calculate my earnings for the previous day from that. I believe we are not allowed to discuss about our earnings, so I prefer not to mention my current balance. Happy Mylotting :]