how you cope up with cultural differences?

United Arab Emirates
July 22, 2009 12:21pm CST
Its not new in this world to see couples with different nationality. Whenever I see couple with different nationality i started to wonder how they've managed to cope up with each other. Coz me myself in into it, and still trying to adopt my bf's culture since we're not the same nationality. I believe if a person will engaged into this kind of relationship one thing to think is the cultural differences coz that the biggest adjustment.. what you think?
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@urbandekay (18306)
22 Jul 09
My wife is South African and I am English, perhaps the biggest differences I have found is that our pace of life is much faster. When she first came here she was shocked at how fast we did things, now when she meets newly arrived South Africans she is annoyed by them, as they seem like they are sleep walking! Another difference I notice is whilst we English are very direct about important things we are quite circumspect about day to day talk. She is very blunt in day to day conversation but more reticent to speak plainly about important matters. However, love conquers all. all the best urban
@urbandekay (18306)
22 Jul 09
I would add we are both of similar religeous view, which helps. Where is your bf from? all the best urban
• United Arab Emirates
23 Jul 09
yeah i guess love conquers all. thanks!