i'm overweight at eighteen!

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July 22, 2009 4:30pm CST
So i'm eighteen years old, i'm 5"7 and I weigh 180.. I have used a bunch of those BMI calculators and it says i'm overweight. my boyfriend is starting to not complain but i can tell it bothers him. I was smaller but i've gained 20 pounds from birth control bad side effect i used the depo-provera shot first and now i've switched to pills i'm hoping to see a difference and i have been going bike riding at night and cutting back my calorie intake also i've never been a fan of sodas really i always drink water or juice. I just want to feel better about myself and i want my boyfriend to stay happy with me and my size too... You think there's hope? and does anyone have any good ideas or personal expierience to help me get past this weight barrier? any comments or help would be greatly appreciated! :) thanks sooo much!
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22 Jul 09
i am exactly where you're at, girl! 18 (going on 19) and starting to pack on those pounds. I wasnt always like this because i used to work out. What REALLY worked for me in the past is kickboxing. I started it just recently again. That stuff MELTS the fat away. No kidding! Especially if you do it at least 3 or 4 times a week. You dont even need to cut back TOO much on the calorie intake because that stuff is jam packed with explosive moves. Yeah, you're gonna be sore for a couple weeks, but you know what? It's sooo worth it! Also, i just recently learned about a good technique. Lets say you're hungry and say you want to make yourself a sandwich and then a minute later you go "ohh you know what sounds good? pizzA!" (this happened to to me today. lol) Anyway, you are supposed to call a friend or listen to music for 5 minutes. Well, anything for 5 minutes. That is how long a typical craving lasts. It REALLY works. I talked to my coworker for 5 minutes & ended up gettin my "fresh fit" subway sandwich instead =D Seriously, it's not too hard to lose the weight, as long as you dont give up. I'm SORE today from working out hard yesterday, but i know it will pay off, so i did a mini workout this morning. =] And if u ever need a boost, just have a "boost buddy" =] someone who's working out liek you & will get you to work out on a day you know you should, but you dont FEELLL like it. =D Hope i helped! It kinda inspired me too.. :p Lots of love.
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22 Jul 09
haha! crazyy i'm going on 19 in august! yeah you really did help thanks for the advice! :) really helps to know i'm not the one battling it! haha lots of love to you too!
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23 Jul 09
omg. im turning 19 in august too! lol wiierrdd. im aug. 3. when's urs?
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29 Jul 09
I give you some suggestions: fistly,the breakfast must be eaten,such as one sandwich,a bottle of milk,or an egg..so you will be energetic all one day. secondly,if you are a white-collar or a student ,don`t sit too long time.when you are hungry or whacked ,you can walk for the reason of going to WC. lastly, when you have supper,after a hour or much ,you can go out to have a jogging,perspire ,you will feel very excited while being tired.
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30 Aug 09
Your 18 and overwieght.. well First off let me be clear with you that you are 18 years old and an adult by now. You have the decision to do whatever you want regardless what anyone think or even your boyfriend. I know what it like to be overweight it suck literally. It doesn't work when someone tell you are overweight, or the scale or etc. You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself one question are you happy with the way your body is and feel healthy. I wouldnt bother changing anything but be a little active every day. But if you not happy with yourself than that when you decide to put your foot down for yourself and say i will change my life style do it on my own. I would recommend taking birthcontrol pills,plus you can eat lots of veggie and fruit and little meat and you will be healthy. I dont eat bread because i cant. The exercise it an everyday thing you have to do like taking your pill.. it hard and I know it. But you can workout like maybe 3 time a week and the the other two day you can go for walk. You can search for a diet you like and stick with it and work out. My sister found a diet with list of healthy food to eat and she been working out. She believe me when i told her it will take a while to keep weight off you have to keep at it. You really have to know your body too. Only you know it. I lost my weight from being sick last yr.and glabladder remove and it sucks. Even before I was over weight and I lost it when I was more active and doing things outside. Especially eating healthy and drink lots of water. All i drink it water now. If you can get one of those juicer machine that even better for ya.too. Jack L. famous juicer. Well good luck to achieveing your goals. I will pray for ya. Remember it your body you are pleasing and please dont starve yourself that is dangerous to do.. you can eat 5 small meals and that will do.. .. or small 3 meal and 1 plate meal .. whatever work best for you.
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28 Aug 09
well 18 better than 13!!! I hate it when people say i'm chubby. I don't think i am though. I think i am seriously overweight and i have really broad shoulders also short and both don't look good when you r overweight.
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30 Jul 09
Sometimes juice can be just as bad as soda. That's what my dad found out when he had to lose weight. It is definitely good to be more active. Cycling should help a lot. At that age I didn't have a car, so I usually rode about 100 miles per week on average. I could eat anything back then. Good luck!