would you like get refs for trekpay?

@lincgo (130)
July 22, 2009 9:38pm CST
dear all, as you know, you can earn much from trekpay before, but now you can only get about fifty cents per week? do you know what is the reason? I think more and more refs have joined the site. everyone thinks that he can earn more from his refs. but do you know that the total money all members can earn per week is relative stable. so I think if more and more refs join the site, in acctual our earnings is less and less. so I will not promote the site? will you do so?
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• United States
23 Jul 09
Hi Lincgo, your statement is exactly right. :-) I, for one, think that TrekPay is one of the worst sites available, reason being that it seems to have lost it's 'grip' since the new arrival of signups. :-) What used to be a promising site and concept, in my opinion, has dwindled to almost nothing. :-( Yes, there may be a few lucky individuals whom are receing constant weekly payments, but allow me to tell you that I am not one of them. :-( As for your statement about the assistance of referrals, well, in all honesty I have nine of my own and it seems to me that they are only for 'show'. :-) What I mean is that, even though I have referrals it seems that most of my earnings are just that; MY earnings. :-) At the most, my referrals may help me to gain only a few cents, but nothing substantial. :-) Personally, I would not promote TrekPay. :-) As soon as I receive my first payment through PayPal, I am leaving that site permanantly. :-)
@rosekiss (30308)
• Eugene, Oregon
23 Jul 09
I am very happy with trekpay. They are going to raise our earnings from the eamial I got today. I think the site is my best one next to mylot and I will stick with them. I have been paid twice by them and near payout again, and should get it next week, I hope. I was skeptical of them at first, but when I got paid the first time, I wasn't skeptical anymore. As far as rererrals are concerned, I have 6 of them and I am thnankful for everyone of them. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.