What the Gates Racial Profiling Drama says about America

United States
July 22, 2009 10:58pm CST
The Gates racial profiling drama says we still have a long way to go in America but the substance of it tells us how far we have come. First Henry Louis Gates was entering to his home in Cambridge. That an African leases a home of that magnitude in that neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusets says alot. We have come along way. The House mortage is probably 5000 a month or more. He can afford that says alot. But also there are millions of blacks that can afford it and the policeman should have known that. The problem is the dispatcher, the sargent for that district or other neighbors did not alert this officer to whose property it was and that is a problem. What would be worse, if they had no idea whose property it was. Someone should have known. Henry Louis Gates is perhaps the most famous Black sociologist along with Cornell West. This tells how insolated they are and unaware which is a big problem for people who legal can shoot you. I bet Canbridge police know who Henry Gates is now after Obama mentioned him.
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