Joe Jackson, Parenting and Child Abuse charges

Was Joe Jackson a good father for Michael? - I believe Joe Jackson was great father for Michael
United States
July 22, 2009 11:19pm CST
Many people are blaming, his father, Joe Jackson indirectly for the death of entertainer, Michael Jackson. They say because of Joe's stern and abusive upbringing, Michael became they way he was. I emphaphitically disagree with these charges. First, Michael became the incredible performer he was as a direct result of the upbringing of Joe Jackson. Without Joe Jackson, we would have never heard of Michael Jackson. Joe instilled discipline, a thirst for excellence and the genes of sheer genius into Michael. He was stern, he was gruff but Joe also got things done. During Michael's trial, they said Joe was the leader to tell everyone what to do and how to handle things. Lets remember, it was Michael's decision to fire Joe. It was Michael's decision to estranged Joe. If Michael had at least comprimised with Joe, perhaps he would still be alive. If you look at Joe's other children they have problems but their all still here and not in jail or worse. What father with nine kids in that black community can say that. Not many. Most black men will tell you they needed discipline. They need a father to have been there for them Joe was there for his children. Let's remember also while raising his children Joe worked two jobs, including one in the steel mill in Indiana in the 1960's. Joe faced hard times, racism and found a way to steer all of his children out of hard poverty and to become one of the most iconic families in America. Joe should be herald almost as a saint for his work. Does anyone talk about how stern Joe Kennedy was in upbringing his his clan. The negative vibe against Joe Jackson is unwise and unfair. I believe Joe Jackson was a great father to Michael
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
23 Jul 09
I don't think we will ever know the truth about a lot of things to do with Micarl Jackson, there seems to be a lot of lies about all areas of his life..Jermaine once said his father waqs not abusive but did hit Michael once but Michael showed him who was boss just by saying touch me again and I won't sing...from then on he called the shots...I guess we will never know most things about that family.