If your bf/gf tells you I need space, what does it mean to you?

@n30wing (4767)
July 23, 2009 3:53am CST
Well I'll just think she wants to find her self and answer all the question she is the one who could only answer. Busy with her work and want to focus with it first, and just don't want to be disturb, but splitting up I don't think so! What about you guys? Have a nice day to all of you!
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@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
23 Jul 09
When a girl tell this to a girl, it means the girl is confused. She just need some time alone to clear things up. Women have complex personalities and issues men would never understand. If a girl ask for some space, she is re-evaluating the relationship and her feelings. It is better this way because it means she still has hope for the relationship because if the girl does not want the relationship, she will not ask for a breather but rather stop the whole relationship once and for all.
• United States
23 Jul 09
I think it means she just needs space. I say back off and leave her alone for a couple of weeks and see what happens. If she does not even contact you in this time then I would contact her and ask her where you two stand or if their is a you two. Chances are she will contact you. Sometimes people just need space and all we can do as loved ones is give it to them. This is just what I think. Anyway I hope it helps;-)
@Rodlkm (123)
• Malaysia
23 Jul 09
To me, it meant that she need some breathing space from the relationship, maybe to reconsider, re-evaluate the relationship itself. It could also be that you have been too possessive, leaving her little room to do her own things, be with her own friends and pursuing her likes and dreams.
@meng23 (145)
• Philippines
23 Jul 09
I think there 's something wrong with him. Maybe taht person have things bothering his mind. Asking a space for me is like breaking up because it seems to me I disturb his life. It is also a start of weakening relationship and the first step to break-up. So if ever my boyfriend ask a space . Well well I gave his freedom. He doesn't want to be disturb then go... have a nice day!