euthanasia for people... what are your opinions?

@Courtom (287)
July 23, 2009 10:54am CST
I had to discuss this topic in school. If a person is of a stable mind, has a terminally ill disease or is dying, is suffering in pain, do you think that euthanasia should be allowed? It goes against some peoples religion - therefore they would obviously not need to go through with it as the choice would be strictly the individuals. It goes against a doctors practice - they are trained and work to save lives, not end them. In this case a new medical health field could be created for doctors who specialize in euthanasia. For people who live in the United States - healthcare can be very expensive, being given morphine, pain killers, or any other type of drug/treatment to ease the pain of dying is expensive. The time in the hospital waiting to dye can be expensive. Also, some people would love to pass with the people they love around them. What are your opinions?
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@saibal10 (89)
• India
27 Mar 11
I thought for this subject for many time, it is really a matter of wide discussion. Sometimes I think in favour of euthanasia. when my mother was suffering from incurable cancer and was counting her last days only. But I often beg to differ when I think that with the help that chance many people can illicitly draw the line another person. I am relally confused.
@my4tunes (64)
• New Zealand
31 Jul 09
I think euthanasia should be permitted, especially if a person is of sound mind and is in pain and suffering. Perhaps they should hold counsel with family and loved ones and a doctor or someone of reputable standing eg.priest, judge or lawyer, and announce to them all that it is their desire to be euthanized and they accept full responsibility for the decision made. Perhaps it should be a formal process so noone can be accused of premeditated murder or encouraging the person that they would be better to die quickly. Therefore, euthanasia would not be allowed for people with alzheimers because they are incapable of making such decisions for themselves, or for children, or for those who are already in a coma, but for those who can make such decisions - then why not?