All modes of transport

July 23, 2009 5:50pm CST
Do you think it is important or necessary to experience all modes of transportation... eg...if you need to go to a nearby place and you can either fly/go by bus, car or train... Would you always stick to the one that is the most comfy/fast/cheap/convinient...or would you want to try out all the modes of getting there one at a time....
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@marguicha (135898)
• Chile
24 Jul 09
THere are many places where you don´t have a choice. But for me, even if I have choices, the means of transportation is not an experience per se, it´s a means to get someplace. So I check costs and time. That´s convenience for me. Happy posting!!!
@maximax8 (30109)
• United Kingdom
24 Jul 09
I fly to get far away quickly but once I arrive I like to travel on local transport like trains, buses and ferries. I most comfortable and enjoyable way for me to travel is by train. Going by bus can be quite interesting along picturesque routes. I can get sea sick so I only go by ferry when that is the most convenient way to travel. In a destination I like to try out traveling by less common forms of transport if it is available like trams. Going on a variety of types of transport is interesting.
@jillhill (37379)
• United States
23 Jul 09
I think it's good to try different things. I usually fly though when I was in New York I rode my first train....and I loved it. There was so much freedom and much more comfort....if I had a chance I would take a train as something different to do!
23 Jul 09
It is always wiser to learn as much as you can in life. Of course it is important to experiment and experience different modes of transport. You never know when you will find yourself in a situation one day where you will have to resort to taking a train or the bus back home because of a failure in your car or a problem at the airport. Even biking is good for you, not only does it help the environment it also helps yourself in keeping fit and not be like those lazy workers at work with a full belly popping out. I myself have tried all modes of transport in my location and to tell you the truth, it can be quite fun at times especially with everyday being a diffirent story with all them crazy passengers. ;)