Have you ever been paranoid about people noticing something only to find out...

United States
July 23, 2009 8:39pm CST
Have you ever been paranoid or obsessed over people noticing something, only to find out that they never even would have thought about it until you brought it up? It can be something as silly or trivial as as stain on your clothing or the fact that your house isn't spotless when you have company. This happens to me all the time. For example, say i spill something on my shirt at lunch and it leave a stain. I know the stain is there and it makes me feel like people are going to look at me and think i am a slob or something, but then later in the day, i talk to a friend and mention the fact that i have been fretting about this stain on my shirt, only to have them say "wow, i didn't even notice it was there until you pointed it out" Or say you have people come to your house for a visit and you don't have time to throughly clean before they arrive. When they show up do you start right off with "Hi! welcome! Come on in, excuse my mess though, i didn't have time to (insert some chore such as getting dishes done or getting the floor vacuumed) before you arrived" , when if you hadn't said anything and just invited them in, they woudln't even have noticed if you didn't vaccuum or what not. Just wondering if anyone else out there has ever run into this problem, basicly not being able to keep your mouth shut and bringing attention to your problems, instead of just not caring about them and hoping for the best.
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@jojorv (201)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
i have that same problem, in the office i make sure that my folders are filed in a straight and orderly manner, any slight movement in my file i usually notice it immediately. in my house, i get irritated to see a small piece of dirt in my carpet and i have the tendency to clean it everytime i notice a dirt even late at night before i go to bed. i think my problem is a bit worst than yours. lol
• United States
24 Jul 09
yes, i agree being a (pardon the term) neat-freak like that can be very time consuming and difficult at times. And it can be frustrating when you get things just the way you like them, then someone else comes along and messes them up, but if i may ask, as per the discussion, why are you consumed with this need to have things in perfect order? Is it because you feel that other people will judg you unfavorably if your house isn't perfectly kept or your files aren't lined up just so? Or is it because it just drives you a little crazy in your own head, no matter what others might think?