LCD Monitor Cleaning help

@paoxav (1382)
July 23, 2009 10:57pm CST
Can anyone advice me on how to physically clean an LCD monitor? Can I use a cotton or cloth with a small amount of alchohol to clean the screen? I've seen lots of finger prints and some rashes on my monitor and I want to clean it but I'm not so sure if using any form of liquid for cleaning is advisable. I've tried using a plain cloth or cotton but it's not enough.. Thanks for the advice in advance..
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@fren45 (895)
• Malaysia
27 Jul 09
Is simple to clean a LCD Tv/Monitor You need 3 thing. 1.)I bottle of distiled water(without mineral)/mineral harm you lcd screen. 2.) Microfiber cloth. 3.)A width soft brush. Steps 1.)Off your Lcd screen 2.)Use the soft brush to brush the LCD surface,Until no dust on the surface. 3.)Dip the microfiber cloth in the distiled water drench it and start cleaning your LCD screen. Wish u luck ..I've been cleaning this way..My LCD screen is Squicky clean.
• India
24 Jul 09
what a great topic.... I bought my LCD two years ago n was wondering how to clean it.. I was so afraid to touch it :p but atlast after nearly 700 days, I happened to found the special liquid and cloth for this purpose..It is very cheap and works good...
@xjping (8)
• China
24 Jul 09
There are professional products for cleaning LCD monitor which can be purchased in computer store.
@KupoSin (680)
• United States
24 Jul 09
try avoiding using chemicals for cleaning the screen. get the lcd cleaning solution, just to be safe that any other chemicals wont damage the screen. use a very soft cloth (micro fiber cloth?) so that it does not scratch it. make sure you dont touch the screen with your fingers. our hands and skin produces so much oil, itll just leave more finger prints on it.
• United States
24 Jul 09
They actually make these microfiber cloths and "lcd cleaning" spray for those types of screens. the microfiber ensures that it wont be too rough on the screen. It keeps the screen from getting scratched during a cleanning. They are relatively cheap- you can probably find these products at Target or Walmart. Good luck! =]