how to make sure your boyfriend to marry you??

July 24, 2009 2:30am CST
I never know what in my boyfriend mind. For example i had relationship seriously and there is a commitment in there but when i ask him about marriage he always said that he want to focus with his job. Hellooo,,,everybody want to get better in job and it will never finish. I think so. Well, how to make sure your boyfriend that you're the best woman and he should marry you right now?
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• Philippines
9 Oct 09
Hi! I understand how you feel, i also felt that some years ago...but you know what? me and my long time boyfriend are still together and we just celebrated our 9th year anniversary. your boyfriend might be thinking of giving you the best of everything when you get married and that's why he always tells you that he wants to focus on his job first. that's the same thing that i always hear from my boyfriend. at first it was like, "Maybe he's not sure about his feelings for me" but then again,i realized that he's right. Getting married is not that easy! you have to be financial, spiritual and physically ready before entering a new chapter in your life... just stay calm and enjoy every minute that you're together. i'm sure, he'll propose to you one of these days... Good luck and God bless you = )
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24 Jul 09
married?i think its happen to ur life if its time to be a married woman or man... be respect what your boyfriend want....and be practical now.... about to make sure if u married ur boyfriend but if you love each other and dat is d guy in your destiny im sure soon you succesful 4 dat