which do you prefer? Nintendo wii or Playstation 3

July 24, 2009 3:54am CST
which do you prefer, do you have any of these consoles? personall i like the Wii, it gets us up and active and is fantastic for the kids. my 8 yr pld loves gaming and he has one of these!! but the ps3 has some fab games too, and the graphics are amazing on the games...what do u think?? thanx xx
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@schlei (132)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
I don't have any of the two said consoles, but I'd choose the Wii over PS3 anytime. My type of games are more leaning towards the Wii and for me, innovativeness in gameplay is more important than awesome graphics.
24 Jul 09
i totally agree, i prefer my brain to be stimulated, im more into the stategy games e.g. CSI is really good on the Wii, Animal crossing etc rather than the various games like Burnout etc which are ok every so often but not for me mostly.
@zacha324 (11)
• United States
7 Aug 09
I prefer the wii because its interactive and it almost fells like your in the game and its great family fun.
• United States
26 Jul 09
I think the Nintendo Wii is better, especially for kids. I personally like the older and out of date systems better than both the Wii, and PS3.
@LouieWpHs04 (4556)
• United States
24 Jul 09
I think the Wii is more a family system and hence why it sells so well and dominates a lot of sell charts. The PS3 is more for the younger to middle-aged crowd. Problem with the PS3 is that they're making too many games with the expetency that the given owner of the game actually has a hi-def tv because without one you can barely make out the text or various other aspects of the game without sitting right up next to it. I do however feel that the Wii offers really nothing outside the realm of "party games". they've tried their hand at others but they usually don't seem to end up that well. There are a few keepers but the selection is very limited. Really. I gotta' say, I don't prefer either of them that much. I'm a big fan of the PS2 and everything below it more. If I had to choose between the wii and the PS3 I couldn't really. They both have their Pro's and Con's about them. I would say i'm pusing more towards the PS3 though as it has more variety.