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July 24, 2009 4:34am CST
I HAVE calculated how long to get prizes on irazoo for free why ? because im a smart and clever person EACH day you can get 300 points a day , (thats the limit and you cant go over) and you get points just for commenting on a site or recomending it or not one trick to get 8 points instead of 4 for doing each SIMULTANEOUSLY (AT the same time) is by searching something you are interesting in(or not) and the box all the way at a top , dont just VOTE, or leave a comment DO BOTH and get both of the points in one shot! type out your comment and , click yes to recommend and when you click yes , it includes YOUR OTHER 4 POINTS for typing a comment! YEAH SO do this for a while a day till you reach 300 then youve done your work for the day do this only for approximately 32 days and you will have ENOUGH to claim your 15 DOLLAR AMAZON GIFTCARD!! I know this info because you get 300 points aday(if you go all the way up to the limit and stop, if you dont try to get 300 a day, then it will take much longer to get the giftcard so comment and recommend yes or no EVEN IF YOU DONT LIKE THE SITE, you still get points for it just pretend you like it (i havent checked if you get points for saying no, but i always say yes, but they probably do give u points even if you recommend no, but you can look that up yorself) also im not sure if you can only earn 300 max points aday ,and nothing more because they might let you go OVER the limit of 300 by referring friends( but you can search for that answer yourself) but anyways I JUST GAVE YOU THE BASIC WAY TO MAKE THAT 15 DOLLAR AMAZONGIFTCARD ONLINE! GURANTEED!! now i still like swagbucks but with irazoo you are GURANTEED points on everything you do (comment, reccomend and friends) swagbucks you just HOPE u get the win on that search and you are only limited to winning 3 or 4 times a day but its still nice , coz they got megaswagbucks and i havent got 3 swagbucks in a while and i just GOT IT(lately i've been only winning 1 , FINALLLY i got more than that lol WELL I HOPE I HELPED yea 15 dollars is not much , but you can use it online tobuy anything you want , HEY it would be nice to get a nice blouse online, or cosmetic products! im glad i helped please, since i helped you , help you help me by being my referral www. WAIT WAIT, THIS JUST IN, i just found out that you can get 50 points UNLIMITED BY REFERRING YOUR FRIENDS, WHICH MEANS YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO 300 WITH REFERRALS!! WHICH MEANS YOU CAN GET YOUR PRIZE IN EVEN LESS THAN A MONTH! the site says that each friend that registers, you will get 50 points, and THEY will too. so they benefit as well, rather than signing u bythemselves (they would start off with 0pts) with them as your referral u get 5o points and THEY get it ,to start off with and every 6 friends you get 300points (which is the LIMIT U CAN EARN BY COMMENTING/recommending) but with the friends method you can get that and MORE SO THAT'S DOUBLE YOUR LIMIT , THAT YOU CAN MAKE IN 1 DAY !...OK so like i was sayin i helped you out so help me out for info b4 u sign up use this link or the link below to take u straight to sign up or thank you _____________________________ check out my blog on cool stuff online that works and leave a comment, and say you saw me on mylot , i would greatly appreciate it
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