How many PTC sites are you doing?

July 24, 2009 5:27am CST
Hi all. When i first entered into online money making,i signed up 15-20 PTC sites for the purpose of making good bucks and to earn some extra amount to my home budget.But i was wrong,after wasting so much time,efforts and energy till date i just got payment from only one PTC site that you all know.It is neobux. Most of the PTC sites vanished into thin air as i reached minimum payment and some of them just banned my account for no reasons.Now i am left with only two PTC sites i.e.neobux and matrixmails. I am just curious to know the experience of members with PTC sites. Have all of them got their payments from the PTC sites joined? Is it worth clicking PTC sites anymore?
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• Chennai, India
24 Jul 09
I am with about 15 sites. Of which, most of them now don't accept members from my country. I am almost reaching in every site every month. And at Matrixmails, I am cashing 3 times a month, because I'm upgraded there. I am happy that it is the only site where I earn about $1 for every payout. (averaging 10 to 12 cents a day) Neobux, I don't trust any Bux site.
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• India
25 Jul 09
Ya initially i too joined many bux sites and all of them have proved scam.I am also sticking to matrixmails but have not reached at the minimum payout.