The Simpsons

@x_Jo_x (1041)
July 24, 2009 7:04am CST
The creators - Are they genious? They managed to create a great comedy, with loads of witty humour. It must take so much effort and thought to create something like the simpsons. Everyone knows of them, even if they dont watch it and theyve got all sorts of mechandise out aswell! How do you think they came up with the idea in the first place? It was definatly lucky anyway! Its amazing they have managed to think of so many episodes! Do you think they will ever run out of new ideas? Or will we see the end of the simpsons? If so, do you think there will be "A final episode"? Or they just wont make any new ones?
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• Malaysia
25 Jul 09
I hope the day when the final episode comes is a day that is still far away. The Simpsons still generate interest and news, even on the internet. Remember when the creator decided to kill off one character, and it got the internet users and fans to speculate who the character would be. Or the gay wedding. Or even the one that talked about presidential election. The Simpsons are well-liked. Maybe some fans are no longer following religiously, but give them something like Simpsons: The Movie, and remember what happened? Fans came back to support it, even those who had not been following closely for months. One day, it has to end. All tv shows do. I think they are still creative. They can invite fans to contribute ideas, as usual. My only regret is that Family Guy got the Best Sitcom nomination in Emmy and not The Simpsons.
• United States
25 Jul 09
The simpsons is a timeless classic, while its true that it cannot go on forever, it will live on forever in our hearts and souls and fox reruns. They dont run out of ideas, because they draw so many ideas from whats happening in the real world. They are very adept at pointing out the humor and flaws of our society in a very intelligent way. And for this reason I say that it doesnt need any award nomination, because everyone knows it is the greatest tv show of all time
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@jwm244 (69)
• Canada
6 Sep 09
Although I'm not one of those "hardcore" Simpson's fans, I do highly respect the ones who are, for they are witness to a vibrant history of animation. How many other shows out there last longer than ten years, let alone a cartoon format ? It may very well be how The Simpsons is presented as kind of a family-based show, you know, an ongoing story of a family who are living from day to day, experiencing things just as we are in society today. Culture influences, art, and art influences culture. You could say that The Simpsons portrays that example well, because without the various cultural influences of real life, and other factors, there would only be repeats on Fox at the moment. How in the world would you end something like The Simpsons anyway, if it happened to be nearing the end of its syndicated run? That show has so many stories intertwined into that fictional town that it would seem hard to satisfy all the fans of the show. Truly, it would be shame for a show like The Simpsons to end, but as previously stated all good things must come to an end. If TV stations are still broadcasting Friends, and other shows like that, you know The Simpsons are going to eventually become part of that loop. That may sound like a bad thing to happen to a show, but really in my opinion, that almost seems like a mark of respect for an influence which has run for 10+ years. Ii is awesome to hear so many people loving their TV shows, especially if they serve such a special meaning to them. The Simpsons is an excellent show, no matter what happens to it. No matter what happens, we will always know as fans that the show will live on for decades to come.
• Canada
27 Jul 09
The Simpson's is vaguely based on the creator, Matt Groening's life experiences and school life. As far as running out of ideas. No they will not as many episodes are based on pop culture, politics, and news so really these things are endless.