If you ruled the world...?

July 24, 2009 8:20am CST
if i rule the world then i will ban all wars. ban all guns forever. dismantle all armies. death penalty for murder of any kind. for rapists,take off their citizenship as humans so human rights won't protect them anymore and send them to forced labor. all prisons disabled. all criminals with violence involved sent to forced labor for life.
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@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 09
Well, meenashisoni.. even if i were to have all the powers, I wouldn't want to rule the world. It's difficult enough to lead a group of 10 colleagues with various attitudes. Imagine leading billions of humans, thousands of different minds and attitudes. Nah, I wouldn't want that kind of challenge :)
• India
27 Jul 09
hi there why you don't want to have all power .if you will do a great job then i think you will be the ideal for nation . if you keep good attitudes then all the things will be in your favor .
• India
27 Jul 09
If I ruled the world? Well, I’d start by phasing out fossil fuels and developing alternative energy sources,and I’d make sure that companies used these sources when manufacturing their products. It’s kind of serious,I know, but it’s how I feel.
@Sir_bobby88 (8241)
• Singapore
24 Jul 09
Yea i ruled the world , my slogan will be " Make love No war " welfare and peace will be my piority yea .