A girl or boy?

July 24, 2009 1:49pm CST
Hello Well not that it should make a difference however if you had a choice, would you prefer a baby boy all in BLUE of a baby girl all in PINK.If given a choice to have a baby a girl or a boy which one would you choose for?
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@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
25 Jul 09
If it was possible to choose I would say a girl. I already have two wonderful sons and one lovely daughter. To make my family equal I think a girl would be ideal. In my last pregnancy I did hope I might have a girl. I was delighted when the fetal medicine expert said I was having a girl. Most of all, I just hoped for a healthy baby. I would have loved my baby girl just as much if she had been a boy. A baby girl dressed in pink looks so pretty. She likes dolls, dolls houses and teddies. I think it would be excellent if people had the chance to choose to have a girl or a boy. Then most families would have a girl and then a boy or a boy and then a girl. It would be delightful if people could choose to have twins. Twin girls would be double the pleasure.