Would you still ride with a person knowing that his driving cost a life already?

@eileenleyva (24341)
July 25, 2009 12:53am CST
Young people with ultra expensive sports cars believe they are the king of the road. In a recent news, an actor figured into an accident that cost the life of his friend. Given the chance, would you still ride with this person?
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29 Jul 09
Well I would say is yes as most people who are involved in any sort of accident usually become more careful afterwards. I would even say that because his driving actually cost someone’s life then he is even more likely to be cautious. I like the fact that you mention “Young people with ultra expensive sports cars believe they are the king of the road” as it is often the case that inexperienced drivers do cause more accidents and I feel that like with when you start to ride a motorbike you should have to progress up in the power of your car rather than being allowed something far more powerful than what you learned in. I would also say that here in the UK the way people are taught to drive needs to be radically improved. Having taught several people to drive I always had a saying “I will teach you how to past your driving test and then I will teach you how to drive” as for me driving for an examiner is different to driving on your own.
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@CRSunrise (2982)
• United States
26 Jul 09
I think it would depend on if the person driving caused the accident or not. Some accidents are not at the hand of the driver. Sometimes it's at the fault of the other driver, occasional it's the fault of the passenger. You just have to know what the story is.
@hsofyan (3447)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
25 Jul 09
No thanks